Crystal City Texas Sales Tax

In this page below you will find the updated total Crystal City Sales Tax 8.250%, Car Sales Tax of 8.250% and additional information for Texas state sales tax and Zavala County sales tax, all provided for free from our database of sales tax records.

What is Crystal City Sales Tax?

Crystal City Sales Tax is 8.250% which is the sum of Texas state sales tax of 6.250%, Zavala County sales tax of 0.000% and Crystal City sales tax of 2.000%.

Crystal City is located in the state of Texas, and with a sales tax of 6.250% is considered to be one of the states with above the nationwide average sales tax which is 5.170%.

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What is Crystal City Car Sales Tax?

Crystal City Car Sales Tax is 8.250% which is the sum of Texas car state sales tax of 6.25%, Zavala County sales tax of 0.000% and Crystal City car sales tax of 2.000%.

Crystal City Sales Tax (Total): 8.250%

Crystal City Sales Tax: 2.000%

Texas State Sales Tax: 6.250%

Zavala County Sales Tax: 0.000%

Texas state has a statewide sales tax rate of 6.250%. The different Counties and Cities in Texas state are allowed to set and collect their own local sales taxes in addition to the state sales tax, thus the total sales tax may differ between the counties, special districts and cities, such as Crystal City.

What is Zavala County Sales Tax?

Zavala County Sales Tax is 0.000%, a part of the state of Texas where the state sales tax is 6.250%.

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